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Σε ανύποπτο χρόνο πολύ πριν κυκλοφορήσουν τα mRNA και σχετιστούν με πλαίσιο κοινωνικού αποκλεισμού ολοκληρωτισμού το ”Vaccination: The Mark of the Beast” ήταν ο τίτλος του βιβλίου που εξέδωσε ο matt rc mason το Νοέμβρη του 2017 ένας πρώην δημοσιογράφος και συγγραφέας.

Γράφει ” Ο εμβολιασμός σκοτώνει πολλούς και τραυματίζει
σοβαρά εκατομμύρια περισσότερους. Οι επιστήμονες και το ιατρικό επάγγελμα γνωρίζουν περίπου το δέκα τοις εκατό του τι συμβαίνει στο ανθρώπινο ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα και παρά το γεγονός ότι οι περισσότερες από αυτές τις ασθένειες δεν είναι σοβαρές για τους περισσότερους ανθρώπους μας λένε ότι πρέπει να τους επιτραπεί να αναμιχθούν με το σώμα μας χωρίς καμία επιστροφή!” αναφέρει. ”Και η διαφθορά με την επιστήμη δεν έχει τέλος. 

Η πολιτική διευθύνεται από μια χούφτα διεφθαρμένους στην κορυφή υποστηριζόμενους από πολυάριθμους καρεκλοκένταυρους …To ιατρικό σύστημα κυριαρχείται από ύποπτους Οργανισμούς όπως το Centre for Disease Control στις ΗΠΑ την Australian Medical Association στην Αυστραλία και από παντοδύναμες και πάμπλουτες φαρμακοβιομηχανίες.

Oι γιατροί εκπαιδεύτηκαν στα πανεπιστήμια να κυριαρχούν επί των ασθενών τους και να αγνοούν αυτό που αυτοί λένε αν δεν είναι συμβατό με την στάνταρντ οπτική της βιομηχανίας…

Tα networks ειδήσεων ανήκουν σε πολύ λίγους δισεκατομμυριούχους που πιθανότατα έχουν συμφέροντα στην άκρως κερδοφόρα φαρμακοβιομηχανία και οι νόμοι άλλαξαν για να επιτρέψουν ακόμη λιγότερους ιδιοκτήτες… 

Για εμένα το θηρίο πάντα ήταν μια συμμόρφωση καθοδηγούμενη από παράτολμα οικονομικά και βιομηχανικά συμφέροντα κι έτσι αυτή η αποκάλυψη αποκτά νόημα.Aυτές είναι οι δυνάμεις στην κοινωνία που επωφελούνται περισσότερο μετατρέποντας το κόσμο σε υπάκουους, εξασθενημένους σκλάβους.

Τα εμβόλια είναι για πολύ κόσμο μια απλή πράξη στη ζωή και πολλά μέλη της κοινωνίας με ανακούφιση δέχονται το τσίμπημα ως διασφάλιση έναντι της ασθένειας αλλά δυστυχώς η εικόνα δεν είναι πραγματικά τόσο απλή. Αν υποθέσουμε ότι κάτι πήγε λάθος με τον εμβολιασμό δεν υπάρχει κανένα ουσιαστικό σώμα στις ΗΠΑ ή στην Αυστραλία ή οπουδήποτε αλλού για να θέσει το ζήτημα ή ν΄αλλάξει την φαρμακοβιομηχανία. ”

O συγγραφέας είχε διαισθανθεί και με βάση την πληροφόρησή του ότι ο εμβολιασμός θ’ αποτελέσει το κομβικό σημείο πραγματικής τομής για την κοινωνία τα ερχόμενα χρόνια….Επί των σημερινών ερειπίων της κοινωνίας και του πολιτισμού οι σκέψεις του γίνονται ξανά επίκαιρες…

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    the same will happen to many of my sheep which, for lack of knowledge, will perish. Once again, what the prophet Hosea said will be then fulfilled: My people are perished for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4, 6). I MAKE AN URGENT CALL TO MY FAITHFUL FLOCK, TO SPREAD MY MESSAGES OF SALVATION IN THESE END TIMES, and to instruct my lukewarm sheep and all those who do not have knowledge about what is to come, so they prepare and do not perish at the passage of the coming purification trials.
    Flock of my Son, the course of your life is about to change, peace and tranquility will be lost very soon; great events that will completely change your life and daily life, are about to happen. The time of my adversary and his emissaries of evil begins and what awaits humanity and especially the People of God, is repression, persecution, imprisonment, submission, slavery, mistreatment and death. The New World Order that serves my adversary has already begun to dominate the world. His agenda of tyranny began with the plan of vaccines and vaccination against the existing pandemic; these vaccines are not the solution, but the beginning of the holocaust that will lead to death, transhumanism and implantation of the MARK OF THE BEAST, to millions of human beings.
    Little children, watch out for the vaccines because millions (of them) will come with the Microchip, the MARK OF THE BEAST, which will be inserted in you when injected. Other vaccines will decimate the world’s population and many others will modify the Human Genome. Watch out, my children, with the biometric vaccine called Luciferase, because this vaccine will be one of the many that will carry the Microchip, which will be activated with the technology you call 5G. Do not fall into the deception of the servants of evil, for what they seek is to mark humanity with the MARK OF THE BEAST and to decimate the world’s population; everything is a conspiracy on the part of the emissaries of evil, who are taking advantage of the existing pandemic, to mark humanity, to decimate and to enslave it.

    Poor little children of mine, you will suffer very much in your passage through the desert! All this coming tribulation to you is part of your purification. Again I say unto you, my little ones, consecrate yourselves to Our Two Hearts morning and night, extending this consecration to your children and family, that all may be delivered and protected from the MARK OF THE BEAST and from all the deceptions and conspiracies of the emissaries of evil. Keep this instruction very much in mind, my children, for it will be the protection that will deliver you from the power of the evil one

  2. ............Children of mine, the world is about to enter a time of revolts and of demonstrations against submission and confinement to which it has been subjected to by the Elites, International Organizations and the Media. They are taking advantage of the existing pandemic to keep humanity confined; by using protocols, conspiracies and deception, which are driving humanity into a chronic state of fear and of panic. They are using these strategies to subdue and enslave the world’s population, so they can vaccinate humanity with new viruses and inject the beast’s brand, the Microchip, into vaccines.
    Again I say unto you, Flock of mine, Be careful with campaigns OF MASS VACCINATION, BECAUSE THEIR AIM IS TO DECIMATE THE WORLD’S POPULATION AND THE OTHER ONES TO INTRODUCE THE MARK OF THE BEAST! The population of children and of the elderly, especially those in the Third World countries, are the ones called to disappear. Experiments with deadly vaccines will be carried out in the population of these countries; the developing nations are going to be the guinea pigs for such a sinister plan.
    My children, pay attention to my calls and leave your stubbornness; place your Spiritual Armor morning and night; PRAY WITH MY PSALM 91 AND CONSECRATE YOURSELVES ALL DAYS TO THE POWER OF MY GLORIOUS BLOOD, and I assure you that no virus, plague, or pandemic can harm you. I TELL YOU THIS, BECAUSE THESE VIRUSES CREATED IN LABS AND FINANCED BY THE ELITES, BEFORE BEING SCATTERED THROUGH THE AIR, ARE BEING PERFORMED RITUALS OF OCCULTISM UPON, SO THAT THEY CAN BE MORE LETHAL AND CAUSE THE GREATEST DAMAGE. That is why you must be spiritually protected so that you can face this attack, and the viruses and pandemics cannot touch you.
    Sheep of My Flock, the 5G TECHNOLOGY, linked to the MICROCHIP OR MARK OF THE BEAST, will be the power of evil that the Antichrist and his emissaries will use to control, enslave and dominate, the vast majority of this sinful humanity. Refrain, My flock, from buying 5G technology because it is meant to exercise control over your life. This technology will spy on you, even when deactivated, eliminating your privacy; it will manipulate your will to implant the MARK OF THE BEAST in you. IT WILL COME WITH THE EYE OF HORUS OR ALL-SEEING EYE. This evil technology will prepare humanity, who is far from Me, to accept the implant of the Microchip. Millions of people will be caught by this technology, which aims to exercise control and domination over the people who use it. All communication you send or receive will be monitored and controlled by the New World Order government.

  3. .......My Flock, every human being in this world already has a barcode ready, encoded and stored, in the memory of a big computer called "the Beast". 5G TECHNOLOGY IS THE TECHNOLOGY OF "BIG BROTHER" WHICH WILL BE LINKED BY SATELLITE TO THE MEMORY OF THE BEAST. The New World Order, close to establishing itself in the world, will be led by the Antichrist and all of this technology will be at its disposal to exercise control and domination over mankind distant from Me.
    Sheep of My Flock, I also alert you to the vaccination called LUCIFERIN OR LUCIFERASE because this vaccination funded by the Elites and promoted by International Organizations, as vaccination against the Coronavirus and pandemics, seeks to exercise control over humanity. THE NAME OF THIS VACCINE ALONE ALLUDES TO THE NAME OF MY OPPONENT AND YOU KNOW THAT EVERYTHING THAT COMES FROM MY OPPONENT IS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Do not believe in this deception, remember that the health and well-being of humanity is not what interests the minions of evil; what they are looking for is to decimate the world population so that in the days of the Antichrist, he could dominate and enslave the existing population.
    Flock of Mine, be careful about campaigns of mass vaccination, funded by the Elites and protected and promoted by the international agencies, because these vaccines are intended to decimate the world's population. I am announcing of a vaccine in particular, which according to the Elites at the service of evil will protect all humanity from the pandemics. Beware of this vaccine because it comes with the Microchip, which when injected into the population of the nations, is going to mark it with the MARK OF THE BEAST. The international organizations and the Elites ruling this world in silence want to control the humanity to prepare it for the appearance of the Antichrist.

    My children, when the international organizations announce to you about a vaccine for the worldwide population to have control of the humanity, refrain from taking the vaccine because they will introduce the Microchip (in) to yo. Remember that anyone who is marked with the MARK OF THE BEAST will lose the life of the Spirit and will cease to be a Sheep of my Flock. Soon through the media, the mass vaccination campaign of the entire world population will begin to be announced, which will be sponsored and funded by the Elites and the international agencies. Before the vaccination, they will do a global population census to establish the number of infants, children, young people, adults and older adults. Fear not, trust and pray and Heaven will be in charge of protecting you. All this will begin to happen after the Warning and the Miracle. All those who are not enrolled in the Book of Life will be lost. I, your Eternal Shepherd, will not allow losing any of my sheep. I assure you!

    Flock of Mine, viruses and pandemics will be the excuse to mass vaccinate humanity. These vaccines will awaken new pandemics, which will decimate the world's population in large numbers. In the last reign of my adversary, HUMANITY MARKED WITH THE MICROCHIP, WILL LOSE ITS IDENTITY AS A HUMAN BEING, THEY WILL NO LONGER HAVE A NAME, BUT THEY WILL BE KNOWN BY A NUMBER, WHICH WILL BE ENCODED IN THE MEMORY OF THE "BIG BROTHER".

  4. .....You are warned, Flock of mine, put into practice the instructions, prayers, and natural remedies that Heaven has sent you so that you can overcome the pandemics, traps, and deceptions of the enemy of your soul.

    Walk like the Children of Light that you are, with your Spiritual Armor on, trusting and praying; covering yourselves at all moments with the Power of my Glorious Blood. Do not depart from Our Two Hearts, consecrate yourselves to Them, so that nothing and no one may harm you.

    Today gain I say to you: the war, the schism and the economic crisis will be the next trial that you will have to overcome. When the more troubled you find to be, my Warning will suddenly come to you.

    Many nations will go bankrupt and the money god will roll on the ground and never to rise again. The emissaries of evil who secretly rule the destiny of this world and call themselves the Illuminati, already want to destabilize the world economy, TO START THE IMPLANTATION OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST, THE MICROCHIP. VIRUSES, PLAGUES, PANDEMICS, SCARCITY, FAMINE, THE FALL OF THE ECONOMY, THE WAR AND THE SCHISM, WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF THE PAINS THAT HUMANITY will have to go through.

    What a sadness I have in knowing that all these calamities are coming to you and the immense majority of humanity, is still asleep by sin and disbelief! Oh, ungrateful and sinful humanity! Did you think that all was a myth and that nothing would happen to you? Look today at the existing panic, the pandemic of fear, coupled with the pandemic of the viruses, have taken hold of you. The pains are just beginning and the first woes have already been heard. Truly I say unto you, if you do not remain united to Me, like the Branch to the Vine, you will perish.

    Pay attention to the calls of Heaven, which we are making to you through our prophets of the end times, so that you may overcome the trials that are coming to you. My messages of Salvation will guide you through the desert of purification; put them into practice, so that you can endure the days of anguish and of despair, which are coming. DO NOT BE AFRAID FLOCK OF MINE, I YOUR ETERNAL SHEPHERD, GO BEFORE YOU, PAVING THE WAY FOR YOU. LISTEN TO MY VOICE THROUGH MY CALLS AND I ASSURE YOU THAT NOT ONE OF YOUR HAIRS WILL BE LOST AT THE PASSAGE OF MY DIVINE JUSTICE.

    Feb 13, 2020
    Call of Mary, Help of the Christians, to the People of God.
    Message to Enoch.

    Epidemics, viruses and plagues, are spreading throughout the creation

    "My Beloved Children, the Peace of my Lord be with you all and my Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

    Little children, epidemics, viruses and plagues, are spreading throughout the creation; many of these diseases of viruses are being created in laboratories and sponsored by the Illuminati Elites at the service of the New World Order. These foundations at the service of my adversary have been given millions of dollars for the creation of all kinds of diseases of viruses in laboratories, which are spreading in the airspace of many nations; these lethal viruses have as purpose to decimate much of the world's population, especially the population of the so-called third-world countries.

    My Children, very soon viruses of DISEASES AND PLAGUES, CREATED IN LABORATORIES AND SCATTERED IN THE AIR, WILL BE ACTIVATED BY THE CLIMATE CHANGE THAT YOUR PLANET IS SUFFERING FROM. HEAT WILL ACTIVATE THE VIRUSES THAT ARE BEING SPREAD IN THE AIR. THE CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY POPULATION WILL BE THE MOST AFFECTED. The children and the elderly have become a burden to the rulers of many nations, because they are not productive. Millions of viruses of diseases that had already been eradicated, are being genetically modified to be more resistant and to cause more harm to the population of the poorer nations. The antidote to these disease viruses will only be handled by the Illuminati elites; only in some nations the antidote will be spread in the air.

  5. People of God, fear not, make use of the natural remedies that Heaven has sent you through our Messengers, so that you can counteract the harmful effects of these viruses of diseases that are about to hit and to decimate the world's population. That all the People of God may have the Manual of Natural Remedies handy, so that when the plagues, epidemics and pandemics come, they may not harm you, your families, or your communities. The Medicine of Heaven, will rid you of these plagues, epidemics and pandemics, which are about to come.

    LITTLE CHILDREN, MAKE ABUNDANT WATER, SALT AND OIL BE BLESSED AND EXORCISED, FOR THESE SACRAMENTALS WILL BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU IN THOSE DAYS. Again I say unto you, do not let go of my Rosary because it is your greatest spiritual protection, for the days of anguish and of desolation that are coming. Therefore comply, my little ones, with all the instructions that Heaven is sending you so that you may emerge victorious during the time of purification that is about to begin.

    May the Peace of God remain in you.

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